HELPING YOU meet your breastfeeding goals without judgement:

I am grateful to function as a holistic professional, IBCLC, and RN outside of the hospital paradigm. This allows me to “say it like it is” without the constraints of corporate structures or management. At the same time, I am experienced working within those structures, I can see them for their value, and I am happy to coordinate care with whomever you choose to follow you through pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.


I have seen health care from many perspectives, both personal and professional, and I have compassion for each individual’s experience and point of view.

I am guided by a holistic philosophy, but also respect and honor the role that allopathic care plays in higher-risk situations, or simply if that is what you need and want for you and your baby.

In my role, I approach each case with a clinical eye, yet my goal is to harness your own truth and power, however that may individually manifest.



As a Registered Nurse, I bring a depth of experience, both educational and clinical, to my work. I am certified, licensed, and re-credentialed every few years. I am experienced in the implementation of care plans and comprehensive health teaching within all aspects of maternal and newborn care. My license and certification assure that I will follow up, make recommendations, and modify your plan based on clinical assessment and evidence. I am legally responsible for the care I give and I will coordinate with your care team over the time we work together. My recommendations are evidence-based and I assess situations scientifically.

Becoming an IBCLC requires college-level academic preparation, and specific education in breastfeeding and human lactation. It also requires substantial hands-on experience helping breastfeeding mothers. Certification is achieved by examination and is maintained by ongoing continuing education and self-directed learning. I am guided by a Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice set forth by a governing board, and I benefit from membership in professional organizations like the International Lactation Consultants Association (ilca.org) and the United States Lactation Consultants Association (uslca.org). I am constantly furthering my learning goals, both within the health care paradigm and outside of mainstream approaches.



I don’t think it is possible to provide lactation support without integrating the many factors that may influence a woman’s pregnancy, birthing, newborn and postpartum experiences. Breastfeeding does not exist in a vacuum, and that is why I broaden my practice to include holistic pregnancy and postpartum care.


Social change  and uplift cannot progress without greater value for this work. Healing of our culture, I believe, must begin with valuing children and that cannot be successful without properly tending to the care, nurture and empowerment of mothers, particularly in the postpartum period and early years of mothering. 

This is the work for me.

Caitlin attended the birth of my second child. My labor was already fairly advanced when she arrived (it went much more quickly than I anticipated!) and I was deep in a contraction and didn't look up to greet her. However, I remember hearing in my husband's voice how grateful he was for the back-up, and he took a break and let Caitlin sit with me through my next contraction. It was a seamless transition in birth partners—she was calm, centering, and supportive. When it came time for my daughter to be born, I remember Caitlin reminding me to "go low", as my voice was rising in timbre. That helped me to refocus my energy and my daughter was born moments later. While the nurses were busy taking care of other things, Caitlin helped my baby find my nipple and begin nursing immediately. We were so lucky to have her calming presence there with us.

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