Having our visit in your home is an integral

part of the work I will do. I request that, whenever possible, you have your partner, a

supporting family member, or friend present at our visit.

Do you know that the primary factor determining whether or not a woman will breastfeed is the type of support she receives from her partner and family?

Overcoming the challenges of breastfeeding and providing postpartum support cannot happen without working in the context of your family and community setting. It is the most convenient, comfortable and, frankly, most logical approach for everyone.

Coming into your home and doing the work I do is an honor and a privilege, and I do not take it lightly.  All that I request is that you do not run around cleaning beforehand!

I offer comprehensive in-home support for the breastfeeding dyad and family including:

  • Initiation & Continuation of Breastfeeding

  •  Holistic Postpartum Dyad Care

  • Empowered Birth Support

  • One-On-One Prenatal Breastfeeding Education & Counseling

  • Nutrition for Mothers & Babes

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Breastfeeding

  • Workshop Series of 5 Group Classes

There are a number of reasons why women decide to hire an IBCLC, and often the problems are multifactorial and co-mingling: 

  • Painful nipples, difficulty with latch

  • Tongue-tie or lip-tie

  • Gassy, fussy babies

  • Concerns with milk production

  • Sleep concerns

  • General curiosity regarding breast anatomy and the physiology of lactation...

  • Mother-child bonding, emotional and psychological benefits

  • Less inflammation, allergies and asthma

  • Gut health and endless immune factors

  • Less obesity and diabetes for mother and baby

  • Decreased breast/uterine cancer risk for mother

  • Lower medical bills in the long run

  • Greater convenience in the long run…

There are so many reasons for pursuing breastfeeding from the start: